Licence No: SMKH21382
Issued: 28 Sep 2017
Expires: 17 Sep 2022
Originally Certified: 18 Sep 2007
Current Certification: 28 Sep 2017
AS/NZS 1337.6:2012
Licence Holder :     Prescription Safety Glasses
Address:Unit 18, 25-33 Alfred Road, Chipping Norton, NSW 2170, Australia

Model ID. Bolle Twister
Frame Description Wrap around plastic frame with Polycarbonate lens
Frame Size Smallest (MM) 57mm
Frame Size Largest (MM) 57mm
Lens Description Prescription spectacles are certified with single vision, progressive and bi-focal polycarbonate lenses. The frame sizes specified can carry any lens within the specified powers listed and with lens power outside of these powers as specified by the manufacturer - Lowest negative sphere/cylinder combination 0.00 Sphere, Minus 6.00 Cylinder, Lowest Negative Power, -6.00, Highest Positive Power +6.00
Lens Tint Clear, Cat 0
Lens Type Outdoor untinted (O)
Impact Rating Medium (I)
Lens Coating Multicoat & Hard coat

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