Licence No: SMK40720
Issued: 22 Feb 2018
Expires: 21 Feb 2023
Originally Certified: 22 Feb 2018
Current Certification: 22 Feb 2018
AS 4454-2012
Licence Holder :     YLAD Living Soils
ABN 78 316 574 829
Address:2 Chillingworks Road, Young, NSW 2594, Australia

Model Name YLAD Gourmet Compost
Bag Title Or Description (If Applicable) Gourmet Compost
Product Description Screened version of YLAD Humus Compost
Product Classification By Particle Size Soil Conditioner
Product Classification By Maturity Mature Compost
Bag / Bulk Supply Information And Bag Size (If Applicable) Bag or Bulk | copyright