Licence No: SMK40297
Issued: 27 Mar 2020
Expires: 20 Apr 2025
Originally Certified: 21 Apr 2015
Current Certification: 26 Mar 2020
AS/NZS 1546.1:2008
Licence Holder :     Global Roto-Moulding Pty Ltd
ABN 79 084 711 535
Address:14 Nans Road, Helidon Spa, QLD 4344, Australia

Tank Type Septic Tank / Collection Well
Description GR-SP6000. Vertical axis, roto moulded polyethylene tank.Certification applies to the tank, lid and access covers.Tank provided with/without baffle.
Size 6000L
Additional Product Information Tank burial depth = 0mm (ground level). Tank burial depth = 0mm (ground level). Can be used with 300mm riser fitted. | copyright |04