Licence Holder : Prestige Foods Australia Pty Ltd
ABN : 54 052 340 566
Licence No : FSM40064
Licence Status : Certified
Standard(s) Number :
FSSC 22000 V5
Standard(s) Title :
Food Safety System Certification scheme for food safety systems in compliance with ISO 22000:2018, ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 and additional FSSC 22000 requirements (version 5)
Originally Certified : 5 Jul 2013 Issued Date : 3 Jul 2020
Currently Certified : 2 Jul 2020 Expires : 4 Jul 2022
Scope : The manufacture of thermally processed stocks and sauces in plastic and retort-able flexible packaging for frozen or ambient storage, and the manufacture of cooked grains and pulses in retort-able flexible packaging for ambient storage and the packing of bulk liquid malt extract pasteurised into retort-able flexible bags for ambient storage . Food Chain Categories: CIII Processing of perishable animal and plant products (mixed products) CIV Processing of ambient stable products
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